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These customize courses are conducted by request from particular companies or institutions to enhance the competencies of their employees, managers and executives. The premise can be arranged at the client’s venue or at SBM-ITB campus. The participants are limited according to client’s request or based upon the agreement.

Our Courses

  • Integrated Management Development Program

    Integrated Management Development Acceleration Program (IMDP) is a Non Degree Comprehensive Executive Development Package which is designed by the business and education practitioners to enhance the employee competencies.

    By understanding basic of Business Economics, Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operation Management, Human Resource Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship, will give employee broaden view about running their job and cross functional cooperation in supporting company achievement.

  • Business Acumen & Corporate Entrepreneurship

    To deal with the rapidly changing business situations a business person must have knowledge and understanding of the functions of finance, accounting, marketing and operation of organizations, he must also have the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions. Also requires a flexible support organizations with a passion to always provide added value to the company.

    This module brings the participants to understanding several factors that impact the business and how to create entrepreneurial organization to fit with those factors.

  • Scenario Planning

    Scenario planning method is tools to understanding, imaginative and feelings about the dynamics of the process of change in the future. Therefore we need to try to identify the strength modifier (driving forces) that exist in the present, strength modifier (driving forces) are elements that determine where and how the story of a scenario ends. Strength modifier (driving forces) can easily be seen by a particular person, but at once may not be apparent to others, because it should search and analysis, the power converter is implemented by a team, not by one person.

    This module brings the participants to understanding the concept of
    scenario planning and choosing of the scenario you want to run by
    using decision analysis.

  • Customer Service Orientation

    To gain a competitive edge in the market, a company can rely on things like pricing, innovation or image. But one of the most effective ways of standing out from the rest is to offer quality service that meets customer expectations. Being customer-oriented requires a long term strategy that should involve the whole company, from top management to grass-roots staff. It also means a change of mentality and an internal organization that trains its sights on a new target: satisfying customer expectations.

    This module brings the participants to understanding the customer
    needs and the way to fulfill the needs.

  • Building Business Partnership

    There are several types of partnerships in business, one with highly visible external partners, other are with less visible external partners. These partnerships include relationships with suppliers, with legal or auditing counsel, with training companies or with IT experts. In the most successful organizations, these traditional buyer-supplier relationships are being run not as price-driven, pain-filled, win-lose procurement exercises, but rather as trust-based, win-win partnering relationships. This focus on partnership and trust is driven by the increasing need for speed, innovation, shared knowledge and investment on behalf of both parties.

    This modulebrings the participants to understanding several factors that impact to increase pratnership with all stakeholders in their business.

  • Business Research Method

    The company face the complex business situation that highly influenced by the dynamic environment. One effort to win the competition is doing business intelligence. To do this the manager of a company need to be equipped with the skills of business research methods that can cover a fairly broad business phenomenon.

    This module brings the participants to have the skills how to do business research with more creative and change the decision-making process previously based only on intuition (descriptive) into decision-making and problem solving in a rational (normative) and versatile system (prescriptive) by using creativity.

  • Strategic Alignment using Balance Score Card

    The world is getting flat. The business world is now facing a perfect competition. In order to survive, a company must boosting itself, through developing new strategies and ensure the right implementation.

    Most companies today struggle with lack of synergy in strategy implementation. The Strategy Alignment using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a multidimensional framework for describing, implementing, and managing strategies at all levels of an enterprise by linking objectives, initiatives, and measures to an organization’s strategy.

  • Personal Financial Planning

    This training will provide the knowledge and skill necessary for the participants to plan their financial goals and how to make it happen. The module will consist of the concept and process of financial planning, concept and calculation of time value of money, risk management, investment products, insurance and income tax laws.

    By having these skills participants can manage their personal lives and their families to achieve a prosperous life both while at work in the company and after entering a retirement period.

    SBM ITB cooperate with FPSB (Financial Planning Standard Board) Indonesia has certified to enroll QWP (Qulified Wealth Planning) and CFP (Certified Financial Planer) program.